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A new recipe for scented melts : Cinnamon & Clove.

It has been a good day today, not only did I get to have a lovely catch up with an old friend and work colleague who had ordered some beeswax votives; but also got the chance to experiment with a new recipe for my scented wax melts. The scent throw on the previous recipe (with certain essential oils)needed some improvement. So I did some research and the recipe I decided to try is beeswax, but mixed with soy wax instead of coconut oil. I added in some red plant dye and cinnamon and clove oils and am sat here now enjoying the result as I write. Really pleased. So watch this space for some festive cinnamon & clove scented melts. This first batch are mine for keeps though and going into an upcycled Jar as a Christmas gift!
I have also had fun making up some gorgeous lavender, orange and Patchouli whipped body butter. It really is truly delicious. It is made with organic shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and essential oils. I have been using a jar for a few weeks now and love it! it just glides on so beautifully, but then absorbs into the skin really nicely too. So lovely knowing that it is all pure, natural ingredients and a wonderful way to benefit from the qualities of the essential oils too.


I handmake beeswax candles and other natural health and beauty products. I am passionate about nature and the incredible benefits that can be obtained from plants and natural products such as beeswax. I love the active air purifying benefits of beeswax candles, and use nothing but pure natural ingredients in my products to promote the health of myself, my family and the environment. 5% of any profit is donated to the charity

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