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Feeling blessed after a wonderful launch event. 

Wow well it has take me until now to be able to process my thoughts into a semblance of sense after an absolutely fabulous launch party (and the crazy preparation that led up to it), hosted for me by the lovely Sianne. I fear it will take longer for my kitchen to resume its equilibrium but I can handle that.

I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier group of guests than those that came along to check out ‘Natures Gifts & Candles’ during my first ever event. Thank you all so much for coming, for your valued orders,  and for making it such an enjoyable and positive  experience. It was truly inspiring to be around a group of dynamic people so interested in Natures Gifts products, and full of ideas for how the range could develop in the future. I hope to keep you all as my own personal focus group to facilitate the continual improvement of Natures Gifts natural product line! I have come away with several areas to research.  It was lovely to see you all enjoying the lovely festive smells filling the wonderful space that was Sianne’s kitchen. Thank you again Sianne for being such a great host and ambassador of my products, and doing me the honor of inviting me along yesterday to share ‘Black Friday’ afternoon with you all. I hope you enjoy your much deserved Natures Gifts and Candles goody bag!

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many supportive people, and would like to thank my good friends Adele & Claire for giving up your afternoon yesterday to come along and support me. Both of you have been a significant part of previous chapters in my professional life, so it was especially meaningful to have you there. Adele thank you for your special comments on your blog afterwards; and Donna…thank you too for your lovely good luck post in the morning. Thanks for very much your order Lyn (Adele’s Mum), and Rosie and Rachel: although in the end you were unable to make it, thank you very much for the intent.

The lip balm question …

As for the lip balm question where I had a memory malfunction – the ingredients are jojoba oil, coconut oil, Beeswax, honey, vitamin E and essential oils.

Thanks to all you lovely ladies Novembers donation to Givebeesachance is going to be a particularly heart warming one to make.

I will sort out the link to my Etsy shop Lavinia but in the meantime here it is again –


I handmake beeswax candles and other natural health and beauty products. I am passionate about nature and the incredible benefits that can be obtained from plants and natural products such as beeswax. I love the active air purifying benefits of beeswax candles, and use nothing but pure natural ingredients in my products to promote the health of myself, my family and the environment. 5% of any profit is donated to the charity

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