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Being the Candle makers mother must be a little like being the ‘Cobblers wife.’ ðŸŽ„

Last candles of the season made tonight; and a lip balm. These are for my dear Mum who has been waiting very patiently for her order as I have been navigating Natures Gifts wonderful first festive season. Looking forward to delivering them in person to this special customer on Christmas Day, and hope this makes up in part for the slight delay in manufacture! Happy Christmas Mum! 

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I handmake beeswax candles and other natural health and beauty products. I am passionate about nature and the incredible benefits that can be obtained from plants and natural products such as beeswax. I love the active air purifying benefits of beeswax candles, and use nothing but pure natural ingredients in my products to promote the health of myself, my family and the environment. 5% of any profit is donated to the charity

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