Natures Gifts and Candles was inspired through my love of nature and longstanding interest in natural remedies. Also a growing sense that as a society we are going so far away from nature in the products we use in our everyday lives that it is easy to forget that the majority of medicines and beauty products have evolved from the power of plants. In this process of evolution we are losing so many things not least our knowledge and skills; that were previously passed down from generation to generation. Families used to treat a myriad of problems with the same natural remedy rather than as we do now, buy a different compilation for each complaint. Also and just as fundamental, in our fast paced busy lives the first thing that often goes is that all important time out. Time just to be calm, reflect, care for ourselves, and ‘smell the roses’ as they say.  I handmake all my products at home with natural ingredients, after researching and designing the best formulations, both for health and the environment. All my soaps are Palm oil free. My inspiration is providing therapeutic natural products that will help my customers to take that all important time out for themselves, and a key element is in the presentation: ensuring the little extra touches that make them perfect gifts either for the customer themselves or a loved one. My aim is for every customer to feel special when their chosen item arrives.

My candles are all made with beeswax. I have always loved candles and an awareness of increasing concerns around the health risks of paraffin candles, along with the positive impact on both health and the environment was the inspiration behind Natures Gifts & Candles. A significant body of research also suggests that beeswax candles actively purify the air in our homes as they burn. They are thought to do this by producing negative ions which attach to the positive ions suspended in the air from toxins (such as mould, dust, electromagnetic static from our devices), and neutralise them. In this way beeswax candles can be helpful in reducing symptoms from allergies and atopic conditions such as Excema and Asthma. Beeswax candles also burn for significantly longer (due to the high melting point of beeswax), and with a beautiful clear, bright flame. My scented candles and wax melts again are all natural, and contain a mix of beeswax, and essential oils. The colours are achieved through the use of natural plant dyes.

I also hope that by raving about the benefits of beeswax and beeswax candles for our health and the environment, the profile of the bee will be raised. Most of us know of the concern surrounding the dwindling numbers of bees, and the potential impact this has for nature. It is a truly vicious circle – reduce plants and flowers and the bee populations decline. With reduced bees and opportunities for plant pollination…, so does the opportunities for growth and spread of plants and trees.

This is why I made the decision to donate 5% of my profit to the charity


I am growing my small business organically, and although there are advantages to working from home, (especially due to my need for flexibility that accommodates my other role as carer and advocate for my youngest child with additional needs);sometimes it can present distinct creative and practical challenges! That said I wouldnt change it for the world.

Whilst I am in the process of developing my website…,orders can be made via my Etsy shop


Thank you very much for popping by. I am always working to improve my products and service, and welcome any feedback or suggestions

Have a great day


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I love your ideas. Shame you don’t ship outside the UK. Maybe when you’ve grown your business you’ll consider it. Good luck. 🙂
    The link on this page doesn’t work. It has the word “and” in there. I had to use the link on another page. HTH

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    1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much. Thanks also for letting me know about the faulty link! I wasn’t sure about shipping outside the Uk, so as it is early days for me…,decided to keep it simple. However I may well look into it sooner rather than later! Maybe you could be my first international customer. If there is something in particular you like the look of Sarah…, let me know. All the best Jane

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      1. You’re welcome. 🙂
        I don’t like using paraffin candles but beeswax is hard to get around here in the rural West of Ireland unless one spends a fortune. I thought your coral candle looked good value for money. I’d also be very interested in unscented tealights.
        Anyway, no rush, I can wait. 🙂 Good luck with growing your business.

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      2. Thank you Sarah. Consider the coral candle yours 🙂 It is so pretty isn’t it. I love the fact that the dye is from heather flowers too. Email me at naturesgiftshome@outlook.com with how many tealights you would like and your PayPal address and I’ll start preparing your order 🙂


      3. Thank you Jane. I’ve been looking at your Etsy site again and I wonder whether there might be a mistake on the price of the coral candle. It’s up for a pound but that doesn’t seem right. Also, I don’t have a Paypal account so I’ll have to use my husband’s. He says I need to go through your website not email. Is that okay?


      4. Hi Sarah…, going through the website is no problem whatsoever. I will notify you on here when I have changed the settings to accept international settings. Won’t take long. Yes sadly Sarah the price is a mistake. It will be £6.50 plus postage. Apologies about that! I don’t know if you have burnt beeswax before but they burn for a lot longer than paraffin candles due to their high melting point and very cleanly too. Anyway Sarah thank you so much for your interest in my work and I will notify you here once my shopping settings and the price has been amended. Then you can just opt to purchase it through the website/Etsy shop whenever you are ready. My beautiful late grandmother was Irish so I have an extra affinity with this lovely place. 💚

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      5. Hi, I didn’t order the tea lights in the end because the shipping came to more than the goods. I’ve ordered another large candle instead to keep the postage cost down. I hope that’s okay.


      6. Oh of course the tealights are listed individually aren’t they! My goodness thank you so much for pointing these things out so I can rectify them for you or other customers in the future. I will pop a couple of complimentary tea lights in your order Sarah as a thank you 😊. Your order just came through so thank you very much and I look forward to making it up for you. I will make the plain beeswax one this afternoon and aim to get it posted off to you tomorrow morning. 💚


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