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Have discovered AromaLove aromatherapy jewellery!

Link :- AromaLove London

This is my AromaLove locket. I love it, and it means I can carry my favourite blends of essential oils around with me all day long! On this particular felt pad I have a blend of Frankincense and Sweet Orange.

The locket came with a black velvet storage pouch, and a set of 7 differently coloured felt pads. AromaLove is a London based company, and the quality of their products is outstanding. I would highly recommend. They have a wide range of contemporary styled lockets in gold and silver.

Use the link above to browse or shop the designs available

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How To Revive Tired Bees | Moral Fibres – UK Eco Green Blog – I did this today!

Why didn’t I take a photo!!!! Kicking myself now! A friend was out in my garden and noticed a lifeless looking bee on one of my crocuses. Anyone else including myself might have thought this bee was dead or dying. However luckily for me and the little bee he knew that sometimes bees just get tired and can be revived with sugar water! So that is what we did. I dissolved a couple of teaspoons of sugar water in some water on a saucer and we lifted the bee onto the edge of the saucer for a drink. Next thing we knew he was buzzing away with a new lease of life. Truly wonderful to see. I guess at this time of year there are so few flowers around, that these beautiful creatures can quite easily get exhausted trying to find quality sources of food.

Anyway it inspired me to do some reading, and I came across this brilliant blog article. Enjoy its a great read.

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Shh…do you fancy a peek behind the scenes of Natures Gifts & other crafters. Walk this way…

Natures Gifts & Candles is thrilled to have been included in a fabulous blog post by the multi talented Donna from Polkadot. Thank you so much for the privilege Donna. My craft room needs a little work (to say the least) compared to some of the other fantastic creative spaces featured; but it sure has provided inspiration. I cant wait to make my spare room my creative sanctuary. Bring it on! See below to read this great post…


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Happy Orchids 

‘Once upon a time there were two Orchid plants that lived on a kitchen window sill in Plymouth, Devon. They were happy enough, but lacked that certain something in their life. Then one day their keepers started making beeswax candles amid other things, and the Orchids found they enjoyed this very much. Their days of existing were over and revelling in the humidity and steam produced in their kitchen on a regular basis, they started positively thriving.’